The name and logo of "Nón Spa" were inspired by the Vietnamese conical hat ("Nón" or "Nón lá" in Vietnamese). In daily life, Vietnamese people use conical hats to cover the rain and sun when working outdoors, besides, conical hats are also used by people to cool themselves after hours of hard work. From the image and use of the familiar hat in every Vietnamese family, we built "Nón Spa" with the desire to create a place where everyone can stay in the present, dispel the aches and pains on the body, and avoid the stress of daily life which is sometimes too stressful and rushed.

When you come to "Nón Spa", from the outside, you will see the spa logo and name in white on a green background, the green color on our signboard is inspired by the green of the wide Vietnamese rice fields, and the bamboo groves next to them. The white color of the logo and spa name is inspired by the white color of the conical hats, the clouds in the sky, and the white stork flying over the field in the middle of the sweltering summer. When you are outside of the spa, you stand in the middle of a busy stream of people, between the hustle and bustle of life just like when Vietnamese people wear conical hats to work in green rice fields under the hot summer sun. When you step into the spa, you will see that the main color of our spa is brown, which is the color of the bamboo slats that make up the frame of the conical hats, the color of the dried bamboo leaves, and also the color of the land under the bamboo groves, where the Vietnamese sit to rest between and after hours of hard working in the fields. Usually, when taking a break between working hours, Vietnamese people will drink tea, wipe their faces with a wet towel to cool off the summer heat, and maybe eat a little cake to regain their strength before returning to work, and at "Nón Spa" we also bring you the same experiences. Coming to "Nón Spa", you will be immersed in a space of relaxation and lightness, just like when Vietnamese people sit and relax with a conical hat under the green bamboo groves, come and enjoy those experiences for yourself! 🙂

Unlike most other spas, we always keep in mind that "Things come from the heart will go to the hearts.", so the most special thing at "Nón Spa" is not the geographical location, the treatments, the price or the facilities, but our staff, who always put their heart into taking care of our customers' health and constantly improving the quality of service. We always believe that when we put all our heart into bringing the best experience and service to our customers, all other good things will come naturally.

Finally, we would like to send our most sincere thanks to the customers who have been, are and will be coming to "Nón Spa", we met/meet not by chance, everything was arranged. We hope that customers of "Nón Spa" have been and will have moments of awakening to enjoy life to the fullest! Happiness is right in your hands, maybe you have forgotten it, "Nón Spa" is just a place to help you have a quiet time to realize something that is very simple but full of miracles: You are living a very beautiful life, the most precious thing you have is this moment!

See you at Nón Spa!