People who need to AVOID using our services to keep yourself safe:

1, People who are sick
2, people with cancer
3, people with heart disease
4, People with brain diseases
5, People with lung diseases
6, People with liver or kidney failure
7, people with skin diseases
8, Hypertensive (People with high blood pressure)
9, People with major bone and joint problems such as fractures, misalignment, osteomyelitis, vitreous bone, ...
10, People with trauma or have open wounds

People who need to consider carefully before using our services to avoid possible bad problems with your health after treatment:

1, Pregnant women (should avoid hip and lower back therapy to keep the fetus safe)
2, People with osteoporosis (should only be treated with mild force to avoid fractures)
3, People with diabetes (should only be treated with light and moderate force because people with diabetes can have impaired sensation in the extremities)
4, People under 18 years old (should only be treated with light and moderate force because muscles and bones are not fully developed)

When you should not use our services to avoid bad experience during and after treatment:

1, Within an hour after eating
2, Within an hour after vigorous exercise
3, Within two hours after drinking alcohol
4, Women in menstrual period

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